Court Dockets

The following Court Dockets may be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2020 Court Dockets
November View 11-02-2020View 11-09-2020View 11-16-2020View 11-23-2020
October View 10-05-2020View 10-12-2020View 10-19-2020View 10-26-2020
September View 09-07-2020View 09-21-2020View 09-28-2020
August View 08-03-2020View 08-10-2020View 08-17-2020View 08-24-2020
July View 07-06-2020View 07-13-2020View 07-20-2020View 07-27-2020
June View 06-01-2020View 06-08-2020View 06-22-2020View 06-29-2020
May View 05-04-2020View 05-11-2020View 05-18-2020View 05-26-2020
April View 04-06-2020View 04-13-2020View 04-20-2020View 04-26-2020
March View 03-02-2020View 03-06-2020View 03-16-2020View 03-23-2020View 03-30-2020
February View 02-03-2020View 02-10-2020View 02-17-2020View 02-24-2020
January View 01-01-2020View 01-13-2020View 01-20-2020View 01-24-2020
2019 Court Dockets
October View 10-07-2019
September View 09-09-2019View 09-16-2019View 09-23-2019View 09-30-2019
August View 08-05-2019View 08-12-2019View 08-19-2019
July View 07-01-2019View 07-08-2019View 07-15-2019View 07-22-2019View 07-29-2019
June View 06-03-2019View 06-10-2019View 06-17-2019View 06-24-2019
May View 05-13-2019View 05-20-2019View 05-28-2019
April View 04-01-2019View 04-08-2019View 04-12-2019View 04-24-2019
March View 03-01-2019View 03-11-2019View 03-18-2019View 03-25-2019
February View 02-04-2019View 02-11-2019View 02-18-2019View 02-25-2019
January View 01-07-2019View 01-14-2019View 01-22-2019View 01-28-2019